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E-commerce audit solutions for your brand or agency

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Content Analysis

Immediately see critical content issues and content optimization opportunities to increase conversions.

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Share-of-Search Optimization

Run unlimited keyword searches and see immediate results on retail sites, including Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and The Home Depot.

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E-commerce competition is fierce. Competitive insights allow you to keep tabs on where you stand in order to win online.

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Buy Box

Immediately detect unauthorized sellers and see who’s undercutting your prices to ensure you win the Buy Box every time.

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Regional Content Accuracy

Audit price, availability, and promotions to ensure your product content is always accurate and competitively positioned.

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Consistent Brand Messaging

Audit and monitor the consistency of your marketing copy, visuals, and enhanced content on every product page to protect your brand.

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Ratings & Reviews

See when a rating or review is posted on each product page, how many are posted for each product, and the sentiment analysis.

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Get your content requirements right – the first time – for every marketplace, retailer, or distributor.

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