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share-of-search represents 83% of a brand’s market share


of product pages display critical errors


online shopping cart abandonment rate, on average


of people returned an item because it didn’t match the description

Group 1303

Instantly know where to focus.

Product Page Auditing provides a snapshot in time about the health, quality, and overall composition of your product pages. Get 24×7 visibility into your product pages and those of your competitors.

Group 1080

Identify inaccurate specs, titles, descriptions, and product categorization

Group 260

Understand keyword usage across multiple sections, including titles, description, bullets

Group 261

Understand and identify rich content issues (videos, 360° images, etc.)

How to run a product page audit (it’s easy!).

supplier transparency

Step 1

Select a Retailer, Distributor or Marketplace

step 2

Step 2

Upload Product Identifiers (SKUs, ASINs, URLs)

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Step 3

Schedule Audit Frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)

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Why choose us?

Content Status tracks 150+ actionable insights. No IT integration required.

search file

Page Status

Live, Not Found or Missing

indetify product

Product Status

Availability, Buy Box, Seller Type, MSRP, Sale Price

product badges

Content Scoring

Title, Description, Bullets, Images, Videos, Documents, Rich Content

paid ratings

Content Usage

Marketing Copy, Images, Videos, Documents, Ratings & Reviews, 360° Images

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“We spend a lot of time and effort getting our data right, sending it out into the world, and hoping it gets accepted and published as intended. Automated product content auditing from Content Status gives us a complete, accurate picture of our presence online. We’ve reduced manual time spent on this process by 90% – from 2 weeks to 2 hours.”

Joe Thomas

Global Aftermarket Catalog Manager, Sensata


Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I audit content?

You can turn on recurring audits of your content daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also choose to conduct a Flex Audit, which is a specific number of product pages you would like to audit one time. See our plan options.

What retailer, marketplace and distributor connections are set up?

We audit over 100 sites – and growing weekly! – for Content Status, completeness, accuracy, and optimization. Our new share-of-search audit tool can currently be used on Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot, and Sam’s Club sites with more being added every month.

What content do you audit for each retailer?

Content Status tracks over 150 actionable insights, including:

  1. Page Status (Live, Not Found or Missing)
  2. Product Status (Availability, Buy Box, MSRP, and Sale Price)
  3. Content Scoring (Images, Videos, PDF/Documents, and so on)
  4. Content Usage (Title, Description, Bullets, Images/Videos, Documents, and Ratings/Reviews)
How do you handle site changes?

We actively monitor sites throughout the day. Any site modification such as maintenance or downtime is encountered and then reflected within our system. When a site is completely overhauled or modified in any shape or manner, we’ll re-evaluate our integration with the site. Depending on the complexity and set of changes, this could result in anywhere from 1 to 3 days of downtime for our integration with the given site.

Can I audit my competitors’ products?

Absolutely! In fact it’s become a standard practice amongst our users. Once you sign up for an account, you will be able to analyze any brand, any category, or any retailer within the platform. This includes the ability to see your share-of-search and how you rank versus competitors.