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Amazon Prime Day July 2023: Perfect SKU® Report

Download our new Amazon Prime Day report that features this year’s winners and losers. We also compare Prime Day products to everyday best sellers.

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Automotive Aftermarket: 2023 Perfect SKU® Report

Download our 2nd Annual Automotive Aftermarket Perfect SKU® Report, featuring an analysis of 10,831 product pages.

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Why Won't Our Conversion Rates Ever Trend Up?

In collaboration with the e-tailing group, we conducted a survey of eCommerce & Marketing execs to gauge their sentiments about their content health.

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Pet Industry: Perfect SKU® Report

In conjunction with the American Pet Products Association (APPA), we analyzed the content health scores of over 24,000 pet product pages.

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Beer, Wine & Spirits: Perfect SKU® Report

Read our analysis of 2,878 beer, wine, seltzer, and spirits product pages. Among other key content insights, you’ll see why product title length matters!

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 2021 Holiday Insights

Review the stats and trends from the 2021 holiday season. We highlight what to do and what to avoid to crush your next holiday season.

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Juvenile Industry Insights: Perfect SKU® Report

Read the first unveiling of baby product content health scores for the top retail sites, categories, and brands.