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Localized search and an improved, comprehensive, regionally accurate shopping experience for customers.

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Created SEO-rich product content and improved RenoRun’s taxonomy, data, and content compliance mechanisms.

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New city expansion, more regional data, and hyper-localized product content that is optimized for easy search and sales.



Building Material, Construction, E-Commerce, Retail Technology

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Canadian construction tech start-up bringing the value of assortment and delivery to the building materials supply chain industry.

RenoRun was looking to build a new shopping experience geared towards the localized needs of contractors and home renovators. Its customers want to order quickly and easily, make their purchases with confidence, and get them delivered to construction sites on time and on budget. As such, RenoRun needed to revamp its website to support localized search and provide an improved, comprehensive shopping experience to its target audience.


Using Competitive Insights, SEO and Content Improvements to Drive the Ideal Customer Experience

Building a large, high-quality retail and online product catalog, along with style and compliance guidelines is extremely challenging, especially when operating in both the USA and Canada. Facing this challenge, Queenie Chau, head of merchandising operations at RenoRun, selected eZdia as a leading eCommerce data and content solutions provider.

We turned to eZdia because we had some very unique requirements for gathering store level data, validating its accuracy and using it to drive localized pricing and inventory levels.

Queenie Chau

eZdia engaged its go-to partner, Content Status, for content auditing and data analytics, while eZdia built strategies to add SEO-rich product content and improve RenoRun’s taxonomy, data, and content compliance mechanisms. Content Status enabled eZdia to identify, prioritize, and build the right revenue-driving pages for RenoRun by identifying gaps, issues, and other product page improvements. By correlating this data with performance analytics, eZdia is able to scientifically create deeper and richer content experiences for RenoRun’s customers.

Being in a hyper-growth industry, it’s critical that we scale our product catalog to meet customer demands and deliver at a competitive price-point. eZdia and Content Status helped us quickly acquire accurate data, create product style guides, and enhance our product content to optimize the shopper experience.

Queenie Chau

Scaling to Meet Industry Demand

By partnering with Content Status, eZdia is able to gather content, product availability, and pricing information at scale to build rich product listings that focus on helping RenoRun drive sales.

We’ve used Content Status on many projects, as they are the perfect partner for gathering must-have data elements across multiple retailers and marketplaces. With Content Status, we’re not only able to acquire price and availability data across multiple stores and regions, but we’re also able to audit and monitor RenoRun’s entire product catalog for content quality, health, and performance 24/7.

Brad Curtis

VP of Global Accounts at eZdia

Since project inception, RenoRun continues expanding its efforts into new cities, gathering more data and producing hyper-localized product content that is optimized for easy search and sales. eZdia and Content Status are thrilled to be helping RenoRun plan, source and deliver building supplies on demand and with greater predictability and dependability.

eZdia and Content Status have been true thought leaders across many stages of our journey, providing insights on what we should be improving and considering as we continue to evolve our online presence. It’s ideal to have partners we can trust to understand our needs and provide the expertise that ultimately helps our customers succeed.

Queenie Chau

Manager of Merchandising Operations at RenoRun

About eZdia

eZdia specializes in building eContent to help eCommerce sites acquire, engage and convert site visitors into customers. Founded in 2012, eZdia is proud to work with the world’s most successful eCommerce sites including: Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, and Newegg. eZdia’s approach exclusively focuses on its return on content spend (ROCS) profitability model designed to isolate and measure the benefit of content strategies.