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of purchases returned due to fraud or missing or incorrect information

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How to gain confidence in your brand experience.

Content Status provides marketers with clarity and trust in how their brand is being represented everywhere online.

supplier transparency

Consistently monitor your brand messaging and visual content for quality and accuracy

understand position

Ensure featured and sponsored products have quality content

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Easily audit your pages for brand consistency (product information, images, videos, documents, rich media)


Understand how your brand is being represented in search results

understand brand

Set alerts to find counterfeit products




“Content Status and eZdia have been true thought leaders across many stages of our journey, providing insights on what we should be improving and considering as we continue to evolve our online presence. It’s ideal to have partners we can trust to understand our needs and provide the expertise that ultimately helps our customers succeed.”

Queenie Chau

Head of Merchandising Operations

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