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Product page analytics your way

create manage

Create and manage a product catalog across 90+ retailer integrations

understand position

Leverage our RESTful API to access audits, share-of-search, and reports across the Content Status platform


Create audits, scorecards, and other items programmatically at scale

incorporate data

Incorporate data into your own platform to see results and performance

import metrics

Import metrics to your internal systems, such as Google Data Studio, Tableau, QlikView, Looker, or Google Spreadsheets

google stdio

Speak to an expert.

Quickly integrate Content Status data into your application through the use of our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started with the Content Status API?

Contact connect@contentstatus.com, and let us know that you are interested in our API. We are actively looking for customers and partners to leverage and use our RESTful API to embed content, push audits, and monitor content across our retailer network.

What API endpoints do I have access to?
  • Audits – Add new products, define the retailer, change the frequency, and/or delete it
  • Catalog – Retrieve the entire catalog, view a product snapshot details
  • Share of Shelf – Conduct a single or multi-phase lookup for a specific retailer
  • Audit Alerts – Review and manage alerts
  • Reports – Retrieve system generated reports such as:
    • Retailer > Category > Brand
    • Retailer > Brand > Category
    • Brand > Retailer
    • Category > Brand
    • Category > Retailer
    • Tags > Retailer > Category > Brand
    • Jobs > Retailer > Category > Brand
How do I manage API tokens?

Once you’ve been onboarded with our API, we’ll provision an API token and provide API documentation for the integration.

Are there any restrictions when it comes to consuming the API?

Based on the type of integration, and volume of audits, we do impose a rate limit which can be evaluated and/or modified as volume increases. To modify a ratelimit and/or other changes/requests, send an email to: support@contentstatus.com.

Do you have any throttling in place?

Yes. By default we will throttle based on the use-case, implementation type (API to API vs. UI, etc.) and volume/plan tier. Any modifications or questions should be sent to: support@contentstatus.com.