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Share of search represents 83% of a brand’s market share


of users on retail websites go directly to the search bar


72% of sites completely fail site search expectations.


Only 15% of companies have resources dedicated to optimizing site search

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See where you rank on the digital shelf.

understand brand

Understand brand penetration

understand position

Understand product position and placement across retailer sites based on keyword terms or phrases


Holistic brand and category performance insights

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See Your Share-of-Shelf

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Step 1

Select a Retailer (Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot, Sam’s Club)


Step 2

Select a Keyword or Key Phrase


Step 3

Click Submit

Give it a try!

See your results instantly.

Optimize retailer site search.

Optimize findability, see keyword ranking results for your products and competitors, and identify new opportunities to drive top rankings.

product ranking

Product Ranking

paid placement

Paid Placement

product badges

Product Badges

product title

Product Title

on page

On-page Keyword Usage

product images

Product Images

paid ratings

Paid Ratings

porduct price

Product Price

product availability

Product Availability

product shipping

Product Shipping

share of search ca
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Connective Commerce

“Content Status makes auditing and monitoring content on different retail sites much more manageable. It allows us to keep a better eye on a larger portfolio of products for our clients. No other product is as easy and fast to use! It provides immediate insights we can act on, including competitor data.”

Jamie Kelly

Partner, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I understand how my brand is performing for multiple keywords?

Yes. Content Status provides you with holistic brand ranking visibility across an unlimited number of keywords and key phrases. Check out our share-of-search auditing tool.

What elements are you analyzing on search page results?

Page ranking, rank on page, paid versus organic placement, badge, brand, product ID, image, title, rating, MSRP, and sale price.

Can you identify sponsored / promoted / featured versus organic results?

Yes. Content Status shows you results for organic, featured, promoted, and sponsored product positioning. You’ll see both the page position (pages 1 through 5) and on-page ranking.

Can you suggest keywords that we should be ranking for?

Not yet. but we are currently building the capability to expose keywords and/or phrase suggestions based on the product, brand, and category. Right now, you can use share-of-search to see your search results rankings for keywords and where and when you’re using them within your content.

What content can you retrieve from the search page?

On average, we can extract featured placements, sponsored placements, organic position, page rank, product title, brand, price, availability, and rating.

Can I search for competitive products?

Yes. Once you sign up for an account, you can run searches on any keyword, key phrase, or URL of your choosing on the sites available.

What retailer, marketplace and distributor connections are set up?

We audit over 100 sites – and growing weekly! – for Content Status, completeness, accuracy, and optimization.

Our new share-of-search tool can currently be used on Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot, and Sam’s Club with more coming every month.