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How to Use Customer Reviews and Testimonials to Boost Your Product Page

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How to Use Customer Reviews and Testimonials to Boost Your Product Page

Your product detail pages (PDPs) are crucial for your sales and marketing strategies. They engage, educate, inform, and ultimately compel consumers to purchase your products.

While PDPs include many components and highlight specific product data, customer reviews and ratings are necessary for every PDP on every channel. This article explores the importance of customer reviews and testimonials and how you can use them to boost your product pages.

Why Use Reviews on Your Product Pages?

Customer reviews shape your brand’s reputation. Ratings and reviews are the most crucial factor affecting purchase decisions, ranking above price, free shipping, brand recognition, and personal recommendations from family and friends.

Research shows that 93 percent of consumers will read reviews before making an online purchase. Including relevant customer reviews on your PDPs ensures you’re providing shoppers with the social proof they demand before making an online purchase.

And while the presence of reviews boosts your sales, the absence can be devastating: too few reviews will drive shoppers from your product pages. Including reviews isn’t an option; it’s a must for brands who want to win the digital shelf.

The Essential Elements of Ratings and Reviews Monitoring

Merely publishing customer reviews to your PDPs is not enough. Those reviews are a powerful tool that can expand your reach and accelerate sales when optimized through monitoring strategies.

Content Status delivers ratings and reviews monitoring that helps you make the most of your PDPs. Our solutions allow you to:

  • See the number of reviews across multiple products, brands, and retailers
  • Understand the complexities and significance of each review
  • Address and improve issues relating to product reviews across multiple retailers and brands
  • Understand brand and product sentiment
  • Receive alerts concerning shifts in review numbers and volume

Monitoring systems provide timely insights critical to driving revenue across your PDPs. They optimize your efforts to obtain reviews and help you earn the traffic and sales you want to see.

Using Customer Reviews and Testimonials to Boost Your Product Pages

Reviews and ratings are essential to your success in today’s omnichannel market. Below we outline seven practical ways to use customer reviews and testimonials to boost your product pages.

1. Put Customer Reviews in Your Page’s Meta Description

Basic product data and content are the building block

When consumers search for products in search engines like Google, they receive a list of results, each with meta descriptions. You can customize your meta descriptions to include relevant, compelling content that encourages users to click on your link.

By including customer reviews in your PDP’s meta description, you not only boost your page’s SEO but you provide immediate social proof that attracts shoppers and incentivizes them to explore your products.

2. Add Testimonials to Your Marketing Emails

Marketing emails deliver your products directly to your target audience. Including testimonials and reviews in marketing emails engages users with authentic, positive customer experiences.

Targeted emails help you deliver personalized marketing to shoppers already familiar with your brand. Reviews allow you to emotionally connect with the reader and help them visualize how they, too, can benefit from purchasing your product.,

Include a link to your PDPs within the review or testimonial, and you can guide interested parties directly to your product pages, where they can buy immediately.

3. Skip Product Highlights and Showcase Reviews that Discuss Product Usefulness

A robust product content strategy will include specs, features, and highlights unique to your products. Shoppers perusing your recent reviews want new, insightful information that helps them determine a purchase decision.

Instead of showcasing reviews that discuss product highlights or other content existing on your PDPs, publish reviews that explain your product’s usefulness to the consumer. Shoppers can identify with consumers when a product enhances their lives or provides a unique solution to a specific problem or need.

4. Use Customer Feedback to Shape Product Bundles and Recommendations

Customer reviews and ratings provide a wealth of information regarding your shoppers’ wants and needs. In addition to providing insight into the product in question, customer reviews shape your product bundles and recommendations.

Evaluating and monitoring customer reviews will help you discover patterns in customer desires and preferences that empower you to bundle multiple products to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

5. Place Ratings and Reviews Above the Fold

Make your reviews easy to find on your product pages. Meet curious shoppers with honest customer feedback. Including your average rating above the fold helps shoppers see what others think about your products which can positively shape their own perceptions.

This doesn’t mean stuffing all your customers’ reviews at the top of your product pages. Instead, allow shoppers to glance at your ratings near the top of your page, then include in-depth reviews toward the bottom.

6. Enable Rating Feedback

Product reviews provide vital feedback that shapes your branding and product decisions. But reviews and ratings aren’t the only feedback that optimizes your PDPs.

Enable rating feedback on your product pages. If a review is helpful to a potential customer, allow them to say so. The most helpful – and hopefully positive – reviews will gain attention from shoppers and provide the compelling social proof they’re looking for.

7. Quality Imagery and Video

Visual content has become a crucial component of shoppers’ purchase journeys. According to PowerReviews, 88 percent of consumers specifically look for visuals submitted by other customers before they make a purchase. And when a product review includes at least one user-generated image, that item experiences a 69 percent average lift in conversion.

Provide options for customers to include images in their product reviews. Visual content in customer reviews builds trust, boosts confidence, and fills in potential gaps in your product content.

Ratings and Review Monitoring that Works

Positive ratings and reviews will help you sell more across your product pages when you optimize your review management and monitoring practices. An effective rating and review management system will help you earn positive reviews, leading to higher success everywhere you sell.

Reach out to the team at Content Status today to learn how our solutions help you make the most of your customer reviews starting today.