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What is Enhanced Content and How Can It Help Your Product Pages?

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What is Enhanced Content, and How Can It Help Your Product Pages?

Basic product information is essential for your site and product detail pages. But the basics aren’t enough if you want to compete on the digital shelf and edge out your competition. 

Read on to learn more about enhanced content and how it can help your product pages. 

Understanding Enhanced Content

An expanding digital shelf means shoppers can be picky about the products and brands they choose. With endless options at consumers’ fingertips, you must take every step to engage your shoppers and compel them to purchase your products. 

Enhanced content extends beyond core product content to deliver superior experiences and product information that today’s consumer needs and wants. It gives shoppers ample product content and information, but it does more than that. 

Enhanced content goes beyond providing data to tell your brand and product story. It captures shoppers’ attention, engages them, addresses their pain points, and brings them closer to a purchase decision. 

Below are a few examples of enhanced content for product pages:

  • Hotspots with upsell and cross-sell features 
  • 360-degree spin imagery 
  • AR product applications 
  • Product videos 
  • Product comparison charts 
  • Product guides 

Enhanced content allows consumers to interact with your product with greater intimacy and attention than ever – in some ways, even more than an in-person shopping experience. This content can – and often does – compel shoppers to purchase. It’s crucial to your marketing and sales strategy for your online sales. Enhanced content is the linchpin to your success on the digital shelf.

How Enhanced Content Improves Your Product Pages

Enhanced content is necessary if you want to compete in the e-commerce space. Below we list seven ways implementing enhanced content improves your product pages.

1. Set Your Brand and Products Apart from Your Competition

Black and white pages filled with paragraphs of copy don’t engage anyone. That type of content doesn’t sell your products. It can even negatively affect your rankings and visibility. 

Enhanced content is the initial differentiator between you and your competition. The visual difference between enhanced content and standard content is just the beginning. Rich media immerses the shopper into your brand and products in a way that traditional media simply cannot. 

Quality content reflects the quality woven throughout your brand and products. It’s an essential component of your marketing strategy that savvy shoppers will notice immediately. 

2. Preemptively Answer FAQs

As discussed above, enhanced content engages consumers more deeply than core content or other media. But engagement is just the first phase of content consumption. 

Your content should inform and educate shoppers. Rich media is the ideal avenue for you to preemptively answer common consumer questions about your brand and products. Address customer concerns and compel them to learn more by using your content as a means by which to educate your base. 

By proactively answering common product questions, you put your shoppers at ease, save them time and energy, and streamline the buying process, which leads to more product sales. 

3. Increase Engagement and Conversions

Enhanced content, especially visuals, bolsters your brand’s storytelling efforts. Rich media packages your product data in an attractive package that connects to your shoppers. 

Consumers are motivated by both logic and emotion. This is true in every industry. By hitting logical pain points with data and emotional pain points with compelling storytelling, your enhanced content will more effectively engage shoppers while increasing product page conversions. 

4. Make Product Comparison Simple

Digital commerce empowers consumers to scour every detail of a product –– then measure it against competing products –– to secure the best item at the best price. Enhanced content makes product comparison easy for shoppers. Comparison charts allow consumers to evaluate your product to determine if it fits their needs and wants. 

Product comparison charts allow brands to control the features listed. If you know your product has features competing products don’t, your comparison chart is the ideal place to highlight that difference. In addition to providing a helpful service for the consumer, these charts allow you to showcase the features and qualities that make your product better than the rest. 

5. Improve Trust and Loyalty with Descriptive Content

Accurate, descriptive content is a building block of long-term customer trust and loyalty. Enhanced content allows shoppers to exhaustively examine and understand your products, building confidence and guiding them toward purchase. 

As you create product content for your PDPs, prioritize the customer and consider how your content affects their perception of your brand. Before you make the sale, you must earn consumer trust. Descriptive, high-quality content does that while providing all the information shoppers need to click “buy now.” 

6. Reduce Return Rates

Your shoppers should know what to expect upon receiving their order thanks to plenty of enhanced content on your PDPs. According to recent research, inaccurate product content was the second most common reason for the return of online product purchases

Your product content can give shoppers all the data and information required to make a satisfactory purchase that they’ll want to keep. Accurate, consistent content ensures shoppers know precisely what they’re buying, decreasing the likelihood they’ll return their item. 

7. Receive Better Reviews with Informative Content

It’s no secret that product reviews and ratings drive online sales. Reviews are the top factor that influences online purchase decisions. And with enhanced product content, you can earn better reviews, which are then published on your PDPs, resulting in more traffic and sales. 

Exceptional product content sets the stage for an equally impressive customer experience. Quality media communicates information to the shopper, providing insight into what they can expect from your product and brand. When they receive their product, and it delivers on everything promised in your PDP content, you’ve made the sale and established a long-term customer relationship. 

Informative enhanced content contributes to the kind of customer experiences shoppers are happy to share in a positive product review. 

Content Status and Product Page Performance

Your product pages are the final stop for customers before they purchase your items. You want to ensure every aspect of your PDPs – especially your product content – is optimized to engage audiences and increase conversions. 

Content Status has the tools, resources, and insights to help you make the most of your online presence and PDPs. Reach out today to learn how our solutions and support can help you win the digital shelf starting now.