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How do AutoZone, AdvanceAuto and O’Reilly stack up against Walmart and Amazon?

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It’s no surprise that the Automotive Aftermarket is expected to reach $143.9B by 2028. There are a few key trends contributing to the industry’s substantial growth.

  • Rising digital initiatives
  • Customer DIY preferences
  • Growing production of automobiles

With this projected growth in mind, business models within the Automotive Aftermarket MUST evolve their eCommerce strategies to benefit and win. And at the heart of every e-commerce transaction success? The product page.

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The Product Page

Let’s face it, seeing a product page that has zero optimization for customer needs, little to no relevant information and minimal images is a huge turn-off for a potential paying customer. Ultimately, the quality of the content shoppers see online has an effect on the buyer and will sway their purchasing decision, both for good and for bad. This makes it critical for distributors, retailers, and manufacturers in the aftermarket to get it right the first time. And there is one thing abundantly clear here: based on our recent analysis, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for brands and retailers to gain market share by providing buyers with a product page experience that goes beyond ACES, PIES, and fitment.

In our first annual Automotive Aftermarket Industry report, we analyzed 7,287 products in five categories on six retail sites to understand content health scores for sellers, categories, and brands. Here are just some of the key highlights from the report:

  1. Amazon.com scored highest for content health but only at a score of 3.2 out of 5.
  2. 74% of product pages failed basic content requirements.
  3. 30% of product titles and 64% of product descriptions did not include the brand name.
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With insights like these, it’s obvious why companies are prioritizing new sales, branding, and pricing strategies, but the ultimate way to keep potential customers on the page is by ensuring they never have to leave to find further information. Our Automotive Aftermarket report takes this approach with a question in mind “How can you audit and optimize your existing pages for further gain?”