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Content Status Launches the Industry’s Only Fully-Automated, Self-Service Tool to Simplify Product Content Auditing for Retailers, Brands, and their Partners

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CLEVELAND, March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Content Status, a product page auditing and monitoring tool for retailers, brands, and their partners, today announced the official launch of the industry’s first and only self-service, fully-automated auditing solution that validates product content status, completeness, accuracy, and site-search optimization in just minutes. The launch coincides with Content Status’ participation in the Groceryshop Spring Meetup, which kicks off March 9-11.

The tool is designed to simplify product content auditing for marketing, content and sales teams by eliminating the need for coding, IT involvement, or long onboarding processes. “With today’s launch, our Content Status tool and business model positions us as the go-to solution for product content auditing, insights, and standards for the industry,” said Content Status co-founder and CEO George Koenig, a 22-year product content veteran who played a key role in the inception and growth of content syndication. “We don’t create, manage, or syndicate content. We’re 100% focused on bringing the fastest, easiest, and most powerful auditing solution to the entire industry.”

Until now, companies only had three options: Expensive and time intensive enterprise solutions, build and manage their own scrapers to get a pile of raw data, or do the entire process manually.

According to Koenig, their audits show that 55% of product pages fail basic quality standards, while 19% have critical errors that prohibit a conversion, or drive expensive returns that also damage the brand. “Brands invest millions in every new product launch,” he said, “yet they fail shoppers and their channel partners by not providing the Perfect SKU® experience on the page, which is the epicenter of every online transaction and the heart of their sales forecasts.”

Although they are celebrating the official launch now, the team has commenced work with numerous brands, retailers, distributors, PIMs, and syndicators to test and refine the tool. Koenig said: “For version one, it’s really powerful. It features customizable content grading for a quick way to find conversion increases, error-flagging that can make a big impact on costly returns, interactive improvement workflows to guide them to the Perfect SKU® experience, and KPI reporting that provides clarity and accountability. I’ve helped create a lot of content programs for retailers over the years, and that experience is on display in many purpose-built features for retailers, which makes rolling out a program really fast and easy.” The company also plans to launch their open-API and Share-of-Shelf solution in Q2.

Content Status already has numerous partners and resellers, which is a big part of their strategy. “While there are some good enterprise solutions, our self-service, usage-based SaaS model is the only one that makes sense for companies to offer to their clients,” Koenig added. “Our partners are using it to retain and upgrade existing customers, build new logo acquisition and improve lead generation.”

One such partner is Distributor Data Solutions, a leading product syndication company in the Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Industrial markets. “We work with some of the largest manufacturers and deliver to many of the largest distributors and retailers in the world,” said Matt Christensen, DDS President. “We started seeing an increasing need for our manufacturer customers to validate that their product information is being represented in full on their channel’s websites. Early on, we created our own proprietary scraping engine but were only able to provide basic reporting.”

Christensen adds, “What we liked right away is that George and his team are clearly focused on this one area and are years ahead of where we are. They clearly have industry expertise, and it shows in their UI. By partnering with Content Status and leveraging what they have built, we can offer even greater value to our customers right away while staying focused on what we do best.”

The company offers 25 product audits for free that provides valuable insights within minutes. They’re also offering special launch promotions on their usage-based plans. Further, Content Status subscribers will receive monthly industry reports providing both thought leadership and exclusive insights.

About Content Status

Content Status was founded in 2019 by George Koenig, who has over two decades of leadership in product data, and Carlin D.T. Jackson. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio it is the first and only self-service, fully automated product content auditing tool for retailers, brands, and their partners. Built for the business teams, the tool requires no coding, IT or onboarding processes and was built to meet the content auditing needs of multiple verticals. For more information, visit www.ContentStatus.com.