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Immediately improve your digital shelf strategy with one complete solution.

Content Status helps retailers, brands, agencies, and tech companies achieve their key KPIs.

Brand consistency

With the growing number of online sellers, your branded content can quickly spin out of control. Content Status automatically audits and monitors your product pages to ensure the right content is always being displayed – everywhere you’re selling online.

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Higher conversions

Ensure your products are “findable” to capture more traffic, and your on-page experiences are complete and compelling on top sites to convert more shoppers. With Content Status, you can instantly analyze your share-of-search, see what your competitors are doing, and determine how to better differentiate your product pages.

Greater efficiency

It’s time to gain the scalable, 24×7 visibility you deserve, and stop the manual madness! With fully automated auditing and monitoring, Content Status helps you spot critical issues before they become critical problems. You’ll know exactly when new content has gone live, and reduce time spent manually finding, reviewing, and updating your product page content.

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Fewer product returns

Avoid expensive returns by making every product page accurate and error-free with our product page audit software. Content Status helps you verify the content you’ve syndicated is consistent with the content that’s being displayed. And you can configure rules, set alerts, and receive notifications to quickly address any content issues.



“Content Status and eZdia have been true thought leaders across many stages of our journey, providing insights on what we should be improving and considering as we continue to evolve our online presence. It’s ideal to have partners we can trust to understand our needs and provide the expertise that ultimately helps our customers succeed.”

Queenie Chau

Head of Merchandising Operations

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Better conversions start with better content.

Explore our out-of-the-box solutions for product page content auditing and monitoring.

Product Content Auditing

  • Improvement opportunities
  • Content accuracy vs master source
  • Keyword search optimization
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Product Content Monitoring

  • Unapproved changes
  • Pricing and availability
  • Competitive benchmarking
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Share-of-Search Audit

  • Page 1, Top 10, and Top 5 rankings
  • Organic vs paid search results
  • Title and images
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Content Scorecards

  • Configurable by retailer and category
  • Multi-level weighting
  • On-demand edits and updates
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