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Automotive Aftermarket: 2023 Perfect SKU® Report Results

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Automotive Aftermarket: 2023 Perfect SKU® Report Results

This year, Content Status analyzed 10,831 product pages in 8 categories across 7 retail sites to understand content health scores in the Automotive Aftermarket.

  • Categories included:
    • brake pads, brake rotors, car batteries, fuel pumps, oil filters, spark plugs, water pumps, wiper blades
  • Retailers included:
    • RockAuto, Advance Auto Parts, Amazon, AutoZone, NAPA, O’Reilly, Walmart

Check out more the highlights from the report below!

Key Highlights

Content Status uses proprietary data and unique grading methodology to understand how companies are faring against basic content requirements and critical elements of the product page. Here are the key highlights from this year:

  • For content health, Amazon.com scored the highest but at only a 3.23 out of 5
  • 65% of product pages failed basic content requirements
  • 65% 0f products had 4 or less image assets
  • 81% of product pages did not include 360° spin assets
  • The average number of characters used in title lengths on all 5 automotive sites was 43, which is well below average

Based on the results of our 2023 audit, there is a tremendous opportunity for companies to gain market share by providing shoppers and customers with a product page experience that goes beyond ACES, PIES, and fitment.

Greatest Opportunity for Improvement: Optimize Titles

The use of optimal title lengths varies by retailer and category, although Advance Auto Parts is doing the best job maximizing the SEO opportunity provided by properly structured titles. However, it’s important to acknowledge that retailers and distributors are typically limited by information provided by suppliers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the supplier to provide quality, accurate product content.

Product Name Template

  • Brand
  • Product type and defining qualities
  • Item name and model number
  • Plus, pack count, quantity, color, size, etc. as applicable
  • 50-80 total characters when all items are included

From a pure shopping experience, Amazon will continue to dominate with its broad use of rich content – which is proven to increase conversions versus pages without it. From a grading standpoint, Amazon’s emphasis on longer titles that include Brand, Type, Key Features, Model #, etc. drive its overall health scores higher, along with SEO performance.

Want to see the full report, including a comprehensive analysis by product category and “brand leaderboard?”

Download the Report

Start Improving Your E-Commerce Content Today

There are 3 questions every automotive aftermarket supplier is trying to answer:

  1. Is my current product content live?
  2. Does my product have the correct fitment data?
  3. Can I compare my ACES and PIES data to my PDP?

Content Status has added some exciting new product enhancements to answer these questions, including:

  • URL Collection
  • Product Detail Page (PDP) Analytics
  • Fitment Availability on PDPs
  • PDP Live Status
  • Compare to Source Data
  • Compare to Aces and Pies Data
  • Share-of-Search

There are 2 ways to get started. You can ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) by creating a free account and trying the product free for 30 days. Alternatively, you can engage in our new service offering where we’ll ‘Do It For You’ (DIFY). Get in touch today to learn more!